Missing IDE feature


iI use neovim to edit code and I’m mostly editing Elm code, so the missing feature I’m about to describe is missing from neovim and for editing Elm code, I don’t know of any other IDE that has this, but it wouldn’t entirely surprise me if, for example, the Elm plugin for the IntelliJ IDE has this feature. I also think this feature would benefit most programming languages. Anyway, this feature regards editing the imports at the top of an Elm file. What I really want to be able to do is just press some key combination to bring up a dialog which allows me to edit the imports from where I am, without having to scroll up to the edits. What I mostly do now, is just edit code as if I had already edited the imports, press save, which tells me what imports I’m missing (and also if I scroll up there, which imports are no longer necessary). So I guess this is not a terribly needed feature, but I find myself wishing for it quite commonly.

I also tend do the following whilst editing some code:

gg " take me back to the top
} " takes me to the top of the import list
" Then edit the import list, which might involve pasting from a register or just typing.
2 Ctrl-o " Takes me back to where I was editing before.

This mostly satisfies, however it strikes me that many programming languages have a kind of ‘top-matter’ to each file that is mostly editable entirely independently from the rest of the file. So I believe this missing feature would benefit many languages. If not you can take the above as a bit of a tip.

Another option is to do /^import which will take you to any line which begins with the word ‘import’ (note there is a space after the ‘t’ in the vim command. Then once you’ve edited you can just do Ctrl-o to go back to where you were.

The small disadvantage to both Ctrl-o solutions is that it fills up your list of locations. So again, I still think my missing feature has merit.